About us

Using the unique network and know-how of Nichireku Co., Ltd.

Nichireku Co., Ltd. was established in 1963 in Kami Town (former Muraoka Town) located in Tajima, northern Hyogo Prefecture. Starting with the opening of the ryokan “Hisaya”, we have expanded our business to accommodation, travel, food and beverage, and real estate.

Especially in the travel business, we specialize in “training camps” for sports clubs and cultural clubs, mainly in the western Japan area, and have built up a track record of handling arrangements for over a thousand groups annually.

In addition to our lodging facility network cultivated through the arrangement of such training camps, we will utilize our know-how in the real estate business to combine private lodging facilities that make effective use of vacant houses and vacant rooms in collective housing. We will strive to provide comfortable housing at reasonable rates during the six months of the Expo, taking into account the living environment that meets the needs and lifestyle of the exposition.